Just do it.


The end of summer is almost here and  suddenly we  have two 3rd graders and one 6th grader.  This school year and summer has been one of spreading wings and learning to fly. I have learnt that perhaps I don’t always know best and I need to take cues from my kids. They are no longer my babies, but independent, smart and intelligent children, who are capable of making their own decisions about many things, as my older one constantly says ; trust me.  This means I have more time and fewer excuses to not do what I am always saying I want to do.  Now is the time to put my money where my mouth is and just do it.



So they finally got him. Osama is dead and what has changed? Historical post colonial battles, together with new differences wage on, innocent people everywhere pay the price, politicians benefit from the
soundbites and yet nothing really changes.
Putting Bin Laden aside for a moment,  what about Egypt ,Turkey, Jordan, Bahrain and Libya. People standing up for them selves, no political maneuvering or backhanded compromises. Who would have thought that Facebook would be a leading contributor to world change?  Where is the political will to support these people who want democracy and a better world for their children? Where is the support to help restore and rebuild?
Oh… I forgot,  we only go into countries that serve our self interest; oil, money for arms, trade treaties. what was I thinking?  To hell with actually making things better, it’s all really about the almighty dollar. 
We can renounce history and pretend that we come to this with clean hands, but who is really going to believe that? When does it end?  Whose story is the most accurate or more important – mine
or yours? Conflicts started generations ago together with convoluted resentments make it impossible to determine objectively. Who has the moral high ground? what is a human life really worth to us? is an American soldier worth more than a civilian, an old man less than a pregnant woman? a child more than a baby ?
I am thankful that my children have everything they need,  they can go to school and can dream of the future. I am not forced to live with daily instances of brutality, injustice, torture or killing.  All I have to do is change the channel and make the images go away.