Connections amid the mundane

I am a creature of habit. When I go to the bookshop I always veer towards the same table. Today on approaching it, I saw a folded piece of paper.  After a little hesitation I opened it.  Inside :

“.. leave me not; yet, if thou wilt, be free;  

  Love me no more, but love my love of thee.”

The handwriting was  neat, leaning right , without  flourishes or decorations.  I folded it back up and left it on the table. Maybe who ever wrote it might come back for it or  maybe  it  was waiting to be collected.

The  romantic in me smiled, and hoped that the writer expressed it to their intended recipient, the cynic in me was curious of the reaction it may have received. It conjured up ideas for stories and themes of  old films about unrequited love,  I went to find a book of sonnets and a different table.


New Beginnings

Waiting for the bus

Up early this morning,  our three little monkeys were busy getting ready for school.  With bags packed and breakfast left half uneaten, we were done.  The apprehension from last night  was  replaced with excitement,  helped by the novelty of new bags, lunch boxes and water bottles.  Brother is starting 3rd grade and is full of wisdom about all things school related, the twins are starting kindergarten and are in awe of his knowledge.

They waited for the bus, messing around outside, catching up with friends. Once in view they walked up and followed Brother onto the bus. No qualms or hesitation. The bus driver was making general chit chat and I was trying to hold back tears.  I was so proud of all three of them.

The summer has been one of growth.  The children have blossomed into new beings, more confident in their abilities and I am thankful for the journey.  It’s the start of a new phase of our lives and I’m really looking forward to what is coming up next.

Questions for right wing America


Being racist and ignorant isn’t a right that supersedes the First  or Second amendment of the Constitution. Freedom does not mean that you can kill in cold blood and use stupidity for an excuse. The education system is not at fault because you don’t know the history of your own country and the blood  on her hands.

Maybe  you do know and continue to believe that you are exceptional, instead of facing the fact that you are feeble minded . Maybe this is why you choose to live in your bubble, listening to people that stoke your anger and spew the hate. Stop telling the rest of us to “get educated” and read a book written by someone other than the hawks and neo cons that you hold in such high esteem.

I want to know so I can understand how a person can go to a house of worship and kill people while they pray. Do you want notoriety?  which cause are you trying to further? whose respect to you hope to gain?  what do I tell my children?

Summer Vacation 2012


“Home is found not a on a map, but in the company of those you love the most”

We’ve just got back from family vacation. The first time in a year that both my sisters, my mum and I have been together.  Daily squabbles, and disagreements only strengthen our bond and remind us of how it used to be; before I  moved  away,  before my dad passed away. Twelve years on, and some moments are still hard.

When we are all together I feel complete. Mum trying to keep everyone happy and stress free, even when we protest and is successful most of the time. I am in awe of her stamina.  My sisters are fun and silly, and the glee on the children’s faces only encourages them more.  My youngest sister surprised us the most; assertive and energetic, she commandeered a boat , sat atop alligators and played with pythons.  This time she had a partner in crime – a nephew who could keep up.

This vacation we got soaked by the splash of a giant whale, fed a school of dolphins,  built  sandcastles on the beach, swam in the sea, zip lined  over crocodile infested waters, and  played in the rain.  Who knew  Florida could be so much fun?

We’ve no one to blame but ourselves

Is it any wonder that people think that Arizona is a backward,  ignorant,  corrupt  State?  We have a Governor who is a complete disgrace, a racist Sheriff who thinks he’s still in an old wild west outpost,  a corrupt County Attorney and a Congress that is shameful. We are in the middle of the worst budget crisis, have  horrendous cutbacks in public spending and education but  abortion and restricting Women’s rights is what our legislators concentrate their efforts  on. We’ve no one to blame but ourselves.  Who actually voted for  these idiots ??

Not ONE but THREE abortion bills. One that reduces the legal time limit for safe abortions.The second one  prohibits lawsuits against doctors who do not provide information about a fetus’ health if that information could lead to an abortion. In addition, parents cannot sue on the child’s behalf after birth. The third requires that schools teach students that adoption and birth are the most acceptable outcomes for an unwanted pregnancy

All three bills are now headed to Brewer’s desk for her review. The governor has not announced a position, but her spokesman indicated that she has a long commitment to pro-life issues. Its hard to argue that this is not a  result of the wave of anti women rhetoric coming from the Republicans who do not deem women fit to make their own choices. The pro-life lobby who are  not satisfied with denying women affordable contraception under insurance plans they take it one step further to drastically reduce access to medical care.

I can understand the moral argument of people who believe life begins at conception, but that does not entitle them to deny choice to women who don’t subscribe to that view.  Also the people who “care” so much for the unborn child, are the same ones who completely disregard that child once it’s born.  Arizona places no value on affordable child care,  preschool and early education. Many school districts, like the one my children are in, now charge tuition for full day kindergarten.  Leading Republican candidates sneer at the thought of more children going to college while doing nothing to fill the growing void of  highly qualified employees and then we complain when companies outsource work .

The hypocrisy is self-evident  and this branding  of women is unacceptable.  I don’t know any woman who would undertake a termination glibly and I  take offense at the implication  that we cannot be trusted to make our own choices .  I don’t need protection from myself,  I am fully capable of making  informed decisions, what  I need is affordable safe healthcare . Why are we still debating the inequality of women in 2012?

Republicans be warned, ignore and  disregard women at your own peril .

Jan Brewer and white woman’s rage

As mentioned in previous posts,I find the GOP nomination race and so called right wing republicans completely exasperating. I am still surprised by the hypocrisy of these people and their supporters. If it were not so tragic, it would be funny that they can’t see the irony in asking the rest of us to “see the truth”.

I find myself even more disappointed in women who partake in this.  I expect more from them and no one gets my blood boiling more than AZ Governor Jan Brewer.  I was so glad when I found this blog post by Brittney Cooper on why Jan Brewer should keep her fingers to herself . The author puts it so eloquently that I need not expand any further. Enjoy.


The end of the Christmas season normally brings gloom, the still dark nights no longer have the twinkle of rainbow fairy lights and cheery inflatable Santa and snowmen have gone . This year is different, we seem to have skipped over winter in the desert and gone from autumn to spring. The Palo Verde trees already have small yellow buds appearing, and the lavender is blooming; attracting a family of quails to keep the humming birds company.

The mark of the New Year is arbitrary but I feel my anxiety dissipate. It’s also accompanied by a new feeling of freedom.

Yesterday we went to the park. Oldest son and his dad went over to the field to play football. The twins and I stayed in the play area. My four year old took his mini basketball to the courts and kept trying to get a basket. I watched him from afar. He was nowhere near his target but didn’t give up. He changed tactics, and moved under the basket and attempted to throw the ball up through the hoop. He played for at least 25 minutes, happy in his activity, completely unaware and without worry of failure .

Watching him, I felt my heart would burst. From his perspective he could achieve his goal, his target was attainable. I pray that this confidence and perseverance stay with him, and feel blessed for the lesson I have been taught.