New Beginnings

Waiting for the bus

Up early this morning,  our three little monkeys were busy getting ready for school.  With bags packed and breakfast left half uneaten, we were done.  The apprehension from last night  was  replaced with excitement,  helped by the novelty of new bags, lunch boxes and water bottles.  Brother is starting 3rd grade and is full of wisdom about all things school related, the twins are starting kindergarten and are in awe of his knowledge.

They waited for the bus, messing around outside, catching up with friends. Once in view they walked up and followed Brother onto the bus. No qualms or hesitation. The bus driver was making general chit chat and I was trying to hold back tears.  I was so proud of all three of them.

The summer has been one of growth.  The children have blossomed into new beings, more confident in their abilities and I am thankful for the journey.  It’s the start of a new phase of our lives and I’m really looking forward to what is coming up next.


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