Questions for right wing America


Being racist and ignorant isn’t a right that supersedes the First  or Second amendment of the Constitution. Freedom does not mean that you can kill in cold blood and use stupidity for an excuse. The education system is not at fault because you don’t know the history of your own country and the blood  on her hands.

Maybe  you do know and continue to believe that you are exceptional, instead of facing the fact that you are feeble minded . Maybe this is why you choose to live in your bubble, listening to people that stoke your anger and spew the hate. Stop telling the rest of us to “get educated” and read a book written by someone other than the hawks and neo cons that you hold in such high esteem.

I want to know so I can understand how a person can go to a house of worship and kill people while they pray. Do you want notoriety?  which cause are you trying to further? whose respect to you hope to gain?  what do I tell my children?


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