We’ve no one to blame but ourselves

Is it any wonder that people think that Arizona is a backward,  ignorant,  corrupt  State?  We have a Governor who is a complete disgrace, a racist Sheriff who thinks he’s still in an old wild west outpost,  a corrupt County Attorney and a Congress that is shameful. We are in the middle of the worst budget crisis, have  horrendous cutbacks in public spending and education but  abortion and restricting Women’s rights is what our legislators concentrate their efforts  on. We’ve no one to blame but ourselves.  Who actually voted for  these idiots ??

Not ONE but THREE abortion bills. One that reduces the legal time limit for safe abortions.The second one  prohibits lawsuits against doctors who do not provide information about a fetus’ health if that information could lead to an abortion. In addition, parents cannot sue on the child’s behalf after birth. The third requires that schools teach students that adoption and birth are the most acceptable outcomes for an unwanted pregnancy

All three bills are now headed to Brewer’s desk for her review. The governor has not announced a position, but her spokesman indicated that she has a long commitment to pro-life issues. Its hard to argue that this is not a  result of the wave of anti women rhetoric coming from the Republicans who do not deem women fit to make their own choices. The pro-life lobby who are  not satisfied with denying women affordable contraception under insurance plans they take it one step further to drastically reduce access to medical care.

I can understand the moral argument of people who believe life begins at conception, but that does not entitle them to deny choice to women who don’t subscribe to that view.  Also the people who “care” so much for the unborn child, are the same ones who completely disregard that child once it’s born.  Arizona places no value on affordable child care,  preschool and early education. Many school districts, like the one my children are in, now charge tuition for full day kindergarten.  Leading Republican candidates sneer at the thought of more children going to college while doing nothing to fill the growing void of  highly qualified employees and then we complain when companies outsource work .

The hypocrisy is self-evident  and this branding  of women is unacceptable.  I don’t know any woman who would undertake a termination glibly and I  take offense at the implication  that we cannot be trusted to make our own choices .  I don’t need protection from myself,  I am fully capable of making  informed decisions, what  I need is affordable safe healthcare . Why are we still debating the inequality of women in 2012?

Republicans be warned, ignore and  disregard women at your own peril .


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