The end of the Christmas season normally brings gloom, the still dark nights no longer have the twinkle of rainbow fairy lights and cheery inflatable Santa and snowmen have gone . This year is different, we seem to have skipped over winter in the desert and gone from autumn to spring. The Palo Verde trees already have small yellow buds appearing, and the lavender is blooming; attracting a family of quails to keep the humming birds company.

The mark of the New Year is arbitrary but I feel my anxiety dissipate. It’s also accompanied by a new feeling of freedom.

Yesterday we went to the park. Oldest son and his dad went over to the field to play football. The twins and I stayed in the play area. My four year old took his mini basketball to the courts and kept trying to get a basket. I watched him from afar. He was nowhere near his target but didn’t give up. He changed tactics, and moved under the basket and attempted to throw the ball up through the hoop. He played for at least 25 minutes, happy in his activity, completely unaware and without worry of failure .

Watching him, I felt my heart would burst. From his perspective he could achieve his goal, his target was attainable. I pray that this confidence and perseverance stay with him, and feel blessed for the lesson I have been taught.


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