Diwali 2011

It is Diwali next week .  Around the house, fairy lights twinkle. The children’s divas decorate the window. On every ledge and table, an adorned tea light glimmers; the wall behind holding the ethereal patterns with refracted repetition.

This is one of my favourite times of the year. The days grow shorter and the temperature cools, the garden goes into slumber and there is a change of pace in the house.   It is the time for reflection and traditions.  Treats to sweeten the mouth and the temperament. Harvest colors of gold, red, green and white. Lights to illuminate the darkness both within and around us. Blessings for all.

I pick up my favourite version of the Ramayana, by C. Rajagopalachari and start to read it again.  The cliche is old but true and I discover something new each time.  The complete Ramayana is vast and consists of 24,000 verses in seven books. The dilemmas facing Rama and Sita are much like the ones we face in our own lives; striving to do the right thing or the least amount of harm.  It forces us to admit that throughout our lives we make choices, the result of which determine the path that our lives will take and consequences that we will have to accept. Intentions are all well and good but it’s actions that matter.

The eternal truth of good overpowering evil resonates throughout the Ramayana and this is what we celebrate, with the beauty of God’s creation. I wish you and your loved ones a year full of peace, prosperity, love and laughter .



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