For ages now I have wanted quiet time. Silence so that I can reflect and “think” . Great and profound thoughts would come to me through the ether if only the air was not filled with noise.

I was wrong. There is now silence, no one is bothering me and I hate it . I miss the requests to read and color. To help put on and take off dress up clothes, to adjudicate over who pushed whom, and whose turn it is on the computer.

Sitting in my local bookshop I am not anymore enlightened, maybe just more aware of what is important to me. My children are happy and healthy and now, as they move on, so do I .

It is time to collect the twins from their first day of preschool. We will have lunch and wait for Brother to get home.

Baby steps to a different chapter. Tomorrow I will welcome the peace and start planning ahead, right now I’m taking a moment to look back at how far we’ve come.


2 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. This is the dichotomy we mothers always seem to face…there is always the struggle to come up for air when everyone is home, but then the longing in the heart hurts after just half a day of being away! I just started working again and miss the little munchkins faces by lunchtime!


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